How to test your health when you face erection problems?

Health when you face erection problems

If you face some evidences of erectile dysfunction like premature ejaculation or inability to have erection in general, the first organ that should be examined is your penis. Though, the reasons can be far beyond it. Anyway you will have to exclude a lot of factors influencing erection before you get back in a fighting shape. Mostly the ED is the result of problems with overall health including physical and psychological deviations. Let’s highlight the tests needed to be carried out just to begin with. Continue reading “How to test your health when you face erection problems?”

Low Testosterone: potential risks

Low Testosterone

In recent years the diagnosis “low testosterone” has become increasingly common. Why “Low-T” is such a big problem for men? First of all, because lack of this hormone causes erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms and physical changes

It’s possible to recognize the features that testify about low level of testosterone without visiting a doctor. They are the following: Continue reading “Low Testosterone: potential risks”